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Title: Methods of Efficient Instruction of Reading 1 and 2 for University Students
Authors: Badalova, Sabina
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: 27
Abstract: This master thesis is devoted to the analysis of the efficient strategies needed to facilitate reading and to explain how these strategies can be taught. The core topic of this thesis is efficient teaching of reading. The purpose is to see if it is possible to sum up the qualities of a good teacher and good teaching in an appropriate learning environment so that one could hold these qualities up as benchmark for all teachers to see and aspire towards achieving some kind of appropriate standard. The first chapter discusses the concept of efficient teaching. In addition, it mentions the method and techniques used in effective instruction of Reading 1-2. It shows the importance of the direct method, cooperative learning, and cognitive theories. Moreover, it describes the similarities and differences of these methods and techniques. In the second chapter, the concentration is on practical guidelines for the effective instruction of Reading. It discusses three main aspects of teaching reading in university environment: 1.Reading Purpose and Reading Comprehension; 2. Strategies for the development of reading 1-2 skills; 3. Methods of assessment of reading skills.
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