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Title: Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan bilateral relations: new trends and challenges
Authors: Gurbanova, Aygun
Keywords: Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan
bilateral relations
Caspian Sea
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: This thesis attempts to study the history and challenges in bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan beginning from early 1990s. It aims at increasing our understanding about differences in state policies of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan and the reasons that caused disagreements between the leadership of two states. The focus was on disagreement over two oilfields in the Caspian Sea, which have stalled for many years the development of cooperation in other fields as well. I also reviewed the historical, economic and political background of the Caspian Sea while analyzing political and security issues of the region. Lack of agreement over the legal status of the Caspian Sea prevents active economic cooperation between the littoral states and serves as a destabilizing factor in the region. A qualitative research method allowed me to analyze several questions by using both primary and secondary resources during the research. A well-organized research plan helps reader to better understand the dynamics of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan relations and different aspects of political and economic situations of the Caspian Sea region. The research also draw attention to the steps toward the realization of the EU energy goals in the region, by increasing European political power. The result did not support the expectations of the solution of two state’s dispute
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