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Title: Application of ALD Images and Caliper Data for the breakout analysis from the wells which were drilled in the Caspian Sea of the Azerbaijan Republic
Authors: Amirov, Elnur
Keywords: Caspian Sea
ALD Image
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Geophysical Research Abstracts
Series/Report no.: Volume 18;
Abstract: Wellbore instability while drilling, trip in or trip out can be cause of nonproductive time (NPT). Mainly this is the drilling surprises often encountered while drilling, trip in or trip out which were not predicted in advance, monitored, interpreted or recognized properly, which can give rise to wellbore instability problems. These surprises include also formation tops, overpressure zones occurring at different depths than predicted and the presence of unexpected faults or other fractured/fissile/compartmentalization zones.
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