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Title: Security in the South Caucasus: Non-traditional (Human) security threats
Authors: Aydayev, Pasha
Keywords: Human security
South Caucasus
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: After the World War II the Agenda of Security Issues become more internal for Nation-States and universal or international for World Population. According to traditional perspective if until 1945 the security agenda was mostly state centered, but after 1945 it became more broad. In the result, economic crisis, environmental pollution and climate changes, terrorism, political and social expectations of people and other this type of problems became main challenges of states. The threats which comes through such kind of problems differs from traditional threats and called non-traditional security threats. In this notion of security phenomenon “state security” replaced with “human security”. According to the “United Nations Development Program's 1994 Human Development Report” people centered view of security is necessary for national, regional and global stability. So in this senior thesis I will try to focus on non-traditional/human security challenges in the context of regional security in case of South Caucasus.
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