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Title: Approaches, Methods, Procedures and Techniques of English Language Teaching and Learning
Authors: Karimova, Valida
Salimov, Jafar
Keywords: children's orientation
influences on pupils learning
the leaming environment
goal theory
teaching Engrish in primary classes
achievemerit goals
classroom stucfure
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: "Elm və təhsil"
Citation: Filologiya məsələləri
Series/Report no.: ;№ 8
Abstract: The main idea which the author came is that English language teaching is very important because of the global status of English. English language teaching is aprocess that requires great efforts on the part ofall the participants. Classroom interaction, activities, methods, procedures, textbooks are the most important elements of teaching process for the aims and objnatives of a course. The researcher concludes her study with the observation that students prefer to have an active role in the classroom such as takirlg, part in different activities. The researcher also concludes that the students, are weak in productive (Speaking and writing skills). Most of them want a textbook for more activities. We need to engage with contrastive studies and error analysis. The new textbooks need to be based on these studies o,f the foreign language and the teacher of English should focus on motivating the students and encouraging them to gather information and to learn other skills. Teachers should have sufficient knowledge of various methods' and ways of articulating. They should adapt their methods accordireg to the age, sex and attainment level of sfudents. A planned program of evaluation is essential for the measurement of the results of teaching. Students must be tested through oral examinations. Teachers must be providedwith audio-visual aids for teaching ptoper pronunciation.
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