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2017-03Oxidized glutathione and uric acid as biomarkers of early cystic fibrosis lung diseaseDickerhof, Nina; Turner, Rufus; Khalilova, Irada; Fantino, Emmanuelle; Sly, Peter D; Kettle, Anthony J
2014-08Uric acid and thiocyanate as competing substrates of lactoperoxidaseSeidel, Antonia; Turner, Rufus; Dickerhof, Nina; Khalilova, Irada S.; Wilbanks, Sigurd M.; Kettle, Anthony J.; Jameson, Guy N. L.; Parker, Heather
2012-10Isoniazid as a substrate and inhibitor of myeloperoxidase: Identification of amine adducts and the influence of superoxide dismutase on their formationForbes, Louisa V.; Furtmuller, Paul G.; Khalilova, Irada; Turner, Rufus; Obinger, Christian; Kettle, Anthony J.
2014-11Myeloperoxidase and oxidation of uric acid in gout: implications for the clinical consequences of hyperuricaemiaStamp, Lisa K.; Turner, Rufus; Khalilova, Irada S.; Zhang, Mei; Drake, Jill; Forbes, Louisa V.; Kettle, Anthony J.
2014-07Oxidation contributes to low glutathione in the airways of children with cystic fibrosisKettle, Anthony J.; Turner, Rufus; Gangell, Catherine L.; Harwood, D.Timothy; Khalilova, Irada S.; Chapman, Anna L.; Winterbourn, Christine C.; Sly, Peter D.
2014-02Measuring chlorine bleach in biology and medicineKettle, Anthony J.; Albrett, Amelia M.; Chapman, Anna L.; Dickerhof, Nina; Forbes, Louisa V.; Khalilova, Irada; Turner, Rufus
2013-03Ceruloplasmin is an endogenous inhibitor of myeloperoxidaseChapman, Anna L. P.; Mocatta, Tessa J.; Shiva, Sruti; Seidel, Antonia; Chen, Brian; Khalilova, Irada; Paumann-Page, Martina E.; Jameson, Guy N. L.; Winterbourn, Christine C.; Kettle, Anthony J.
2012-07Myeloperoxidase and oxidative stress in rheumatoid arthritisStamp, Lisa K.; Khalilova, Irada; Tarr, Joanna M.; Senthilmohan, Revathy; Turner, Rufus; Haigh, Richard C.; Winyard, Paul G.; Kettle, Anthony J.
2012-06Evaluation of Contemporary Environmental Condition of River Basins in Southern Pre-Caspian Areas of AzerbaijanIsmailov, R. A.; Karimov, R. N.
2020-09-13Accurate Prediction of Kinematic Viscosity of Biodiesels and their Blends with Diesel FuelsMehrizadeh, Masoud, etc.
2015Study Of Profitability Of Organization Of Tourism Routes (On The Example Of Sheki-Zagatala Economic Region Of Azerbaijan)Karimov, Rovshan; Dargahov, Vugar
2016Rewriting, academic fraud and falsification: analyzing cases of academic practice in St. Petersburg, RussiaRekhtina, L.S.; Pankratova, L.S.; Sokolov, N.V.; Karimov, R.N.; Samedov, F.R; Yunisov, J.K
2019-10Toxic Site Identification Program in AzerbaijanAbbasov, Rovshan; Cervantes de Blois, Chelsea L.; Sharov, Petr; Temnikova, Alena; Karimov, Rovshan; Karimova, Gunay
2020Assessment Of Sustainability Of Demographic Development Of Mountain Areas (On The Example Of The Upland Shirvan Economic Region)Karimov, R.N.
2015-03Study of Development of Information and Communication Technology in Azerbaijan with Marketing ApproachKarimov, Rovshan; Imrani, Zaur
2014-09Investment Opportunities Of Tourism Industry In Azerbaijan And Its RegionsDargahov, Vugar; Karimov, Rovshan
2015-06Development of Non-Oil Sector in Azerbaijan: Tendencies and OpportunitiesKarimov, Rovshan
2015Mainstreaming Of Disaster Risk Analysis Into Gabala District Development PlanningAbbasov, Rovshan
2009Estimation Of Maximal Acceptable Flows Using Groundwater-Surface Water Relationships For The Kura River, AzerbaijanMahmudov, R.N.; Abbasov, R.K.
2010Evaluation of Factors Contributing to Floods in the Outlet Part of the Kura River, AzerbaijanAbbasov, Rovshan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 135